Our on-site Executive Chef, Ms. Peggy Caldwell, spreads magic in The Flaugherty House kitchen.

Ms. Caldwell, with a natural talent, started cooking professionally in 1982. Much of Ms. Caldwell's inspiration and talent derives from her knowledge and love of her own Swiss/Austrian roots where she learned the art of good food at an early age in her grandmother's kitchen. Being in the private-chef business and responsible for well over 120 banquets each year, Ms. Caldwell has perfected her culinary techniques. She, with the requisite tasks (menu planning, staff scheduling, purchasing, personnel management, recipe development, and cooking), has earned the title of "chef." With an unerring eye for excellence, Ms. Caldwell has spent considerable time writing and testing recipes as well as creating and reviewing menus.

Great cuisine is born of adaptation. Ms. Caldwell transforms street foods, comfort foods, and gourmet foods into an experience in exceptional taste, utilizing basic ingredients to combine and enhance the flavors, textures, and preparations. She combines traditional cooking with fresh, highest-quality products, bringing dishes that are both diverse, original... and delicious.

All things must be carefully orchestrated to create the delicate balance that makes a great meal for an unforgettable event. With a commitment to excellence, it is The Flaugherty House team's goal to exceed your expectations. We strive to make every effort to make your event both enjoyable and memorable, and that effort starts in Ms. Caldwell's kitchen!

If you are arranging your wedding, The Flaugherty house can design a custom catering menu just for you. Our goal is to provide quality food and service that is unsurpassed.

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